The RAInS team are participating in two events as part of Explorathon 2020, Scotland’s participation in European Researchers’ Night, a European Commission funded initiative. Both events are open to the public, online, and free and will take place next week (23 and 27 November). Details for each event can be found below.

Event: When AI gets it wrong: Who’s to blame for technology’s failure?

When: Monday, 23 November 2020 @3.00pm
Where: Zoom
How: Register here
About the event:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being increasingly used in applications from health care to transport to finance. But who do we hold to account when something goes wrong? As we work to remove the human from decision-making processes, what information do we still want to know about who decided how decisions should be made and how the machine is programmed to behave?

During this one-hour, interactive event, we will explore the decisions that are made in developing these systems – including the decisions made by the human designers, builders, and operators, and users of such AI systems and you will be given the chance to “vote” on the best outcomes for proposed scenarios before learning what is happening behind the scenes of those AI systems.

Register for this event at

Event: Scottish Research Showcase Flashmob

When: Friday, 27 November 2020 @TBD
[Note: the full event runs 9.00am – 9.00pm; our timeslot will be announced on Monday, 23 November]
Where: Twitter
About the event:
The Scottish Research Showcase, in collaboration with the Global Science Show, is reaching out to audiences around the Twittersphere to create a digital “flashmob” of science and learning. Throughout the event, researchers will showcase their work with the world by sharing short videos as part of a Twitter thread coordinated by the @ernscot account. This will create a chain of research from a wide variety of disciplines.

You can follow along by visiting the Explorathon Scotland Twitter account (@ernscot). We will also direct people to the event on our Twitter account (@RAInS_Project), so follow us there so that you don’t miss a beat!


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